“You can stare at me from now till tomorrow but you will never find the key on my face. I expected that by

now you should know that they key is not here and start searching for it in other sections of the house.”

“I know I kept the key here and none of the kids are with it. I believe this is the only place the key should be.” Mum replied defensively.

“Maybe a ghost came to this house and took it. You are very sure that you kept the key here and it is not here yet you only concentrate on searching the same place; are you okay?

Look woman, you and your daughter should stop embarrassing yourselves and search for this key in other sections of the house.”

“Ada, go and look around your room and if you don’t find it go into Linda’s room, while I search in our bedroom, I will also check the kitchen.” Mum instructed Ada as they both dispersed.

She was silent because somehow she felt guilty that it was her fault that this was happening. Dad followed her into the bedroom and they both continued to search the room in silence.

Dad hadn’t looked at the time since the last time he did. I think he was afraid of what the time might be.

His special meeting was by nine o’clock but he was supposed to have a short briefing with one or two staff and his Boss before the dignitaries who were supposed to be present at the meeting arrived.

He had in his possession, the most important document that would be needed for the meeting and he was supposed to discuss some points with his staff and Boss before the meeting. Without the document, the meeting won’t hold.

The silence in the room was scary. Mum knew that this was more serious than anything. She decided to check the kitchen as it was obvious that the key was not in the bedroom. She walked out of the room into the kitchen. The key was nowhere to be found.

She came back into the bedroom. Dad was sitting on his bed. He was facing down as he supported his forehead with both hands which rested on his laps. She felt pity for him and afraid for herself..

“You know, I think you are doing this deliberately,” he said.

The key was nowhere to be found, the blaming game must take another direction.

“I don’t know why you are doing it, but you are trying to make me go crazy. I am trying to know what I have done to you to deserve all this.”

“Why would I try to make you go crazy?”

“You tell me.”

“Well I have nothing to gain by making you stay at home and discharge your tantrums on me. I kept the key where it is normally kept and …”

“And a ghost came and took it.” He cut in, “I never knew I had ghosts in my house. You must have planned this either with the kids or alone!”

Mum was getting angry with his accusations; she didn’t want to continue the discussion.

So she heads towards the exit of the room, “You can say whatever you like but I believe the key is somewhere in this house and it shall be found and then you will leave for work with your troubles.”

Ada entered John’s room after she had finished searching hers.

“What is it? Why are you entering my room?” he rudely asked.

“Don’t you know that we are searching for the lost key? Everybody is busy trying to locate it, instead of coming out to help; you isolate yourself in your room.”She replied.

“Leave my room, the key is not here. I am not with the key. What will I be doing with it here; please you guys should leave me alone. I am not in the mood for your problems.”

“Look at the dirty room you are telling me to leave, you are not even happy I am stepping my legs into this refuse dump.”

“Thank you, my room is a refuse dump, now leave.”

She angrily banged the door behind her, she left the room and entered my room.

EPISODE 4 coming

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